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Tom Thumb

Hook - TMC-100 #8-18
Tail - Deer Hair (natural or dyed)
Body and Wing - Deer Hair (natural or dyed)

Black Pheasant Tail Chironomid

Hook - TMC-200 #10-18
Tail - None
Abdomen - Pheasant Tail - Dyed Black
Rib - Silver wire
Thorax - Peacock herl with 2 or 3 turns of white ostrich herl in front
Wingcase - Pheasant Tail - Dyed Black

Baggie Shrimp

Hook - TMC-3761 #10-14
Tail - Hackle barbules
Back - Plastic strip
Body - Sow/Scud dubbing
Rib - Silver wire

Note - Pick out dubbing for legs. Most popular colors are olive, light olive, grey-olive, grey and tan.

Little Fort Leech

Hook - TMC-5263 #6-10
Tail - Black Wooly Bugger Marabou with a tuft of red marabou on top
Body - Black chenille over-wrapped with peacock glimmer chenille
Hackle - Black saddle, palmered

Butler Dragon

Hook - TMC-5263 #4-10
Tail and Underbody - Dark deer hair
Abdomen - Olive seal dubbing or substitute
Rib - Med. oval gold tinsel
Thorax - Olive seal dubbing or substitute
Wing Case - Pheasant tail
Legs - 3 pheasant tail barbules, knotted
Eyes - 10-12 pheasant tail barbules, clipped
Head - Peacock herl

Water Boatman

Hook- TMC-100 #10
Tail- None
Body- Med. olive or hare's ear antron dubbing
Legs- Olive Superfloss
Back- Pearlescent Flashabou Accent or Crystal Hair

Murray's Rolled Muddler

Hook - TMC-5263 #4-14
Thread - Flourescent red
Tail - Woodduck imitation
Body - Flat gold mylar tinsel
Rib - Silver wire
Underwing - Pearlescent Flashabou
Wing - Woodduck imitation
Head - Deer hair, clipped short, leaving a few hairs trailing back

Six Pack

Hook - TMC-5263 #6-10
Tail - None
Body - Dyed yellow, blue phase pheasant rump
Rib - Gold wire
Hackle - Dyed yellow, blue phase pheasant rump